November 29, 2017

Settling In Assistance

Specializing in every facet of Domestic, Cross-Border and International relocations, our Relocation Specialists ensure that our relocating employees find and are set up with just what they need and want. SMRelocation‘s unique “settling in” service reflects the individualism of each transferee by providing customized assistance to relocating employees based on continuous needs analysis. SMRelocation ensures that relocating employees are properly informed and relocate to Barcelona with all the documentation required by Spanish authorities. We also assist them with being processed through the Spanish system for Health Care, Driver’s License, Social Insurance Numbers (NAF), Bank Account, Registration at the Town Hall and utilities.

Benefits to the Corporate Client

  • Flexible service tailored to your relocating employees needs and requests.
  • Allows relocating employee to settle in their new locale quickly and focus on their job.
  • A fully settled employee can concentrate on their new role quickly and effectively.

Benefits to Relocating Employee

  • Includes a personalized Welcome Pack containing information about government requirements, lifestyle and recreation, entertainment, Spanish-Catalan culture, transportation, banking, home and car insurance, telephone and cable providers, schooling, health care system, doctors, dentists, hospitals etc.
  • Telephone support to address any queries throughout the move.
  • Single point of contact and advice.
  • Relieves the administrative burden and stress of relocating.
  • Allows the employee to settle quickly into their new lifestyle.
  • Wide range of expertise caters to the individual needs of the transferee.